Conference Security Las Vegas

  • Access Control
  • Badge Checking
  • Ticket Takers
  • Ushers
  • Exhibitor Booth Security
  • VIP / Executive Protection
  • Traffic Officers
  • Parking Attendants
  • Registration
  • Information Booths
  • Human Directionals
  • Equipment Watch
  • Fire Watch
  • EMTs

No two trade shows or conventions are the same. For this reason, there isn’t one “standard” conference security method that will be equally as effective. We put together custom security packages and cut unnecessary costs for your conference, convention or trade show.

Experienced security companies, like Rome Security Services, will perform a risk assessment of the particular conference to determine where the biggest risks lie and what methods should be taken to mitigate these risks.

Risks can include bodily harm perpetuated on victims, theft, vandalism, protests and other types of disturbances that can cost money, harm attendees of trade shows and disrupt the convention or trade show.

Assessing Security Threats

Conference Security Las VegasThe potential risk at an event can be determined by the nature of the facility where the event is held at, the number of attendees to the event and the types of guests that are expected at the trade show or convention. Other concerns are the assets that are located at the event and whether there are already security measures in place.

If you are planning to have celebrities, important guest speakers, irreplaceable items and collectables, or other high value items, you will want to make sure you have extra coverage in these areas.  The greater the security risk, the more coverage you will want to have. Security cameras provide surveillance and help cover wide areas or specific points of interest. Open fields of vision and having many visible security guards will help reduce places perpetrators may be hiding.

Predicting Risks & Mitigating Risk

After all of the relevant data has been collected, we will determine which threats are the most likely and which threats will have the biggest impact. We use this data to devise a security protocol that will best help mitigate these risks. We must also determine what methods will be used to detect explosives and other serious threats.

Large Conferences & Special Methods

There are numerous methods that might be employed depending on the nature of the event. At conferences that are spread out, we might implement vehicle patrol units or bicycle units to give our security coverage a greater reach. Other considerations include evacuative procedures for conference attendees in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.

Staffing For Your Event

When you have decided on Rome Security for your preferred conference security company we have a few final steps to make sure your plan goes into action. We will have to determine which resources will be needed to implement the chosen security protocol, which includes training our security staff and organizing the shifts that are needed. Conferences might have periods where there are a greater or fewer number of attendees, which influences how many staff members will be needed.

Communication is key when implementing an effective security response. Security companies must determine how our agents will communicate with each other and how security communication will be centralized.

When Experience Matters

Given the challenges of implementing an effective set of security standards for a conference, event organizers will want to hire a security company that is experienced with protecting large scale events from a variety of security concerns. Our attention to detail and experience handling trade shows of all sizes sets us apart from the rest. That’s why Rome Security is known as one of the most preferred security companies in Las Vegas.