Construction Security Las Vegas

We have a long-standing history providing security for some of Nevada’s largest construction companies. As a result, we have become knowledgeable about site safety, construction security, and other issues specific to the construction industry.

Because construction sites are particularly vulnerable to trespassing, vandalism, and theft, it is important to have an experienced security company on the premises to protect your equipment, materials, and facilities. We offer the following services:

  • Construction Security Las VegasVehicle Patrol
  • Materials & Equipment Watch
  • Video Surveillance
  • Alarm Response
  • Site Access Control
  • Mobile Security Office
  • Logging In & Out
  • Fire Watch

Unfortunately, construction sites are often the target for theft and vandalism. Copper, fuel, aluminum and other construction supplies are valuable and sold on the black market. Fortunately, there are many things that construction managers can do to improve the security on their job sites.

Construction sites are often the target of theft late at night. For this reason, it is important to set up a surveillance camera system that can monitor storage units to make sure that thieves are deterred from breaking into the construction site. However, for security cameras to be effective deterrents, they must be clearly visible.

Shedding Light On Theft

Thieves rely on the cover of darkness to sneak onto a construction site. Many construction sites implement security lights to deter thieves. However, many thieves are able to use the glare of the construction security light to sneak in. For this reason, construction managers should consider hiring Rome Security to design a security system that cannot be exploited.

Dealing With Daytime Construction

While construction managers often expect to have unwanted visitors late at night, construction site security breaches also occur during the day. To prevent unauthorized visitors from stealing supplies, our officers are alert and looking out for slow moving vehicles, loitering individuals, and other signals that stand out as a security risk. Our officers will question those who they do not recognize.

Cutting-Edge Surveillance

We will also help construction managers devise a surveillance system that will deter thieves and maximize the chances that thieves will be identified if they do sneak onto the construction site. When thieves are discovered, we can take measures to identify the thief. Our construction security experts can also determine how the construction site can be designed to deter theft such as by blocking in large and valuable equipment.

Escalate Your Security Measures

Rome Security is also aware of construction thefts that are currently occurring in the area and can take the steps necessary to escalate security measures to make sure that their clients do not become the next victim.