Types Of Guards

We offer many different types of guards that all come in unique uniforms best suited for the job. Here are a few of the types of security guards we train in Las Vegas.

Vehicle Patrol

Some sites are too large to be able to adequately and/or safely protect by doing foot patrols. In those cases, Rome Security officers can patrol in marked vehicles so that the entire site is checked throughout each shift. We use GPS tracking so we are able to ensure the security officers are patrolling where, and as often, as is required. In addition, our Field Director and Supervisors keep up-to-date on any changes to the site and make recommendations to our clients concerning new areas to check, new routes to take, and areas that no longer need securing.

Bike Patrol

Types Of GuardsAll of our Bike Patrol Officers are experienced riders who are trained to safely ride in heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.  They are equipped with appropriate safety lights and gear, highly-visible uniforms, and two-way radios.

If your property is too large for one Officer to patrol on foot, or cannot be patrolled with a vehicle because of heavy pedestrian traffic or accessibility issues, we offer Bike Patrol services as an effective solution. Bike Patrol Officers are highly visible and can cover a large area and ride where vehicles cannot gain entry.

On-Site Security Guards

Our officers are outfitted in highly visible uniforms and provided with all necessary equipment to perform their duties in the most professional and safe manner.

Whether you need a standing guard, or an officer to do foot or vehicle patrol, we provide you the solution best-suited for your needs.

Video Surveillance / Alarm Response

Rome Security uses state-of-the-art cameras and surveillance equipment which allow us to monitor your site, in real time, and record any and all activity that occurs.

We offer fixed line-of-site cameras for areas such as entryways and interior spaces, and PTZ (Pant-Tilt-Zoom) cameras that allow us to remotely control them at larger sites such as warehouses, parking lots, and desert sites.  All of our cameras can run on solar power, which enables us to place them in very remote areas of the Las Vegas Valley.

Our 24/7 Dispatch Center monitors the live videos, and can immediately dispatch our Patrol Supervisors and/or the Police if criminal activity is being seen on the video.

HOA Gate Officers

Residents in gated communities expect extra privacy and safety, along with strictly-controlled entrances for pedestrians, bicycles, and automobiles.

Our Officers are well-trained in the various procedures pertaining to gated communities, and serve not only as a source of security, but also as a professional representative of your community.

Security Desk Officers

You want the first person your customers come in contact with to be professional, helpful, and courteous.  We work at a variety of locations including office buildings, medical facilities, hi-rise condominiums, and retail establishments.

Our Officers are not only highly skilled in all aspects of security, but are versatile in their abilities to carry out additional responsibilities specific to your business.

Loss Prevention

When your business experiences a theft, not only do you lose merchandise and money, but also the confidence of your customers.

We work with various retailers ranging from small shops to high-end boutiques. Our Loss Prevention Officers are well-trained to recognize and counteract criminal behavior, thereby safeguarding your merchandise and property, so that your sales associates can concentrate on serving your customers.

We can outfit the Officers in suits or uniforms, or even in a more undercover look, depending on what your business requires.