Video Surveillance Las Vegas

Video Surveillance Las VegasRome Security uses state-of-the-art cameras and surveillance equipment which allow us to monitor your site, in real time, and record any and all activity that occurs.

We offer fixed line-of-site cameras for areas such as entryways and interior spaces, and PTZ (Pant-Tilt-Zoom) cameras that allow us to remotely control them at larger sites such as warehouses, parking lots, and desert sites.  All of our cameras can run on solar power, which enables us to place them in very remote areas of the Las Vegas Valley.

Our 24/7 Dispatch Center monitors the live videos, and can immediately dispatch our Patrol Supervisors and/or the Police if criminal activity is being seen on the video.

Many businesses find that the use of surveillance cameras for loss prevention is one of the most effective ways to minimize loss at your business, regardless of whether you are combatting employee theft or shoplifting. The video surveillance loss prevention methods harness the power of cameras as an effective deterrent against theft by causing fear of prosecution.

Loss Prevention Systems

However, not all video surveillance loss prevention systems are equal. Not all systems provide the ability for businesses to access videos remotely. With remote access, management can monitor what is occurring within the company in real-time. They also can tilt, zoom and pan with the camera to get a better view. To prevent unauthorized access, systems can have multiple cameras to make sure that cameras are accessed by authorized people.

Going through large amounts of surveillance data is overwhelmingly time-consuming. Fortunately, many surveillance security systems allow for businesses to identify specific points at which certain events occurred, such as a shoplifted piece of merchandise being detected by sensors. This allows businesses to locate a specific moment that the business is interested in and locate the incidence of shoplifting or vandalism.

Storage Space Can be Optimized

Another way that cameras can save time and reduce the need for storage space is to have motion-activated cameras that only record when motion is detected. The storage media also can be overwritten so that data can be reused.

Improving Efficiency

By making the process of policing shoplifting and employee theft more efficient, businesses are able to save time and money while also catching a larger percentage of criminals. However, for businesses that are not interested in hunting down criminals, surveillance cameras provide enough of a deterrence to prevent the crime in the first place. The best way to use cameras to prevent shoplifting is to make them visible so that customers see them. The cameras will also need to be put in a location where it is impossible for customers to hide their activities.

Restricting Access To A Facility

Employees can be deterred from stealing by limiting the employees who are able to access specific parts of the facility. However, this is not possible under all circumstances and there are times when surveillance cameras are the only way to prevent theft. Some employees might seem resistant to the use of surveillance systems. However, the management can explain that surveillance systems can help increase security at the facility and make employees feel safer.

Surveillance systems are not only necessary for saving your business money, but also for cutting costs associated with theft. Our surveillance systems have different options that will meet your business’s needs.